Bi-voltage 200 110/220v TYPE:W


Bi-voltage 200 ~110/220

Outstanding features

1. Advanced IGBT inverter tech, Small, light, portable.

2. Wide working input range 100-260V 1ph.

3. Friendly work on generator.

4. Axial ventilation.

5. Solder up to 5.0mm(3/16 ")electrodes.

6. 60% work duty cycle of max output at 25 degree.

7. Hot start: amazing easy arc strike once touch the workpiece.

8. Anti-stick electrode.

9. Arc force Integrated: Current auto-increase when arc length is too short.

10. Allows solder in rutile, basic, stainless and cellulose electrodes 7018,6010,6011,6013 etc.

11. DC lift TIG Integrated: No need switch.

12. Automatic protection when over load,over heat,over or too low voltage.

13. You can get good results with the mild steel,carbon steel, alloysteel carbon, stainless steel and some non-ferrous metals.

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